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Made with hemp-derived THC-P and HHC, Huka Puff’s line of THC Vape Pens lets you enjoy the mild psychoactive effects of two popular cannabinoids, plus six tasty fruit flavors! Also, these THC vape pens are small and discrete, so you can enjoy our THC vape anywhere.


Our THC Puff Bars are even smaller and more discrete. With our proprietary water-soluble THC blend, we offer a very mild psychoactive effect for you to enjoy flavor smoke all day long, without having to stop and call it a day. Our THC disposables are meant to be smoked throughout the day to give you a mild euphoric head high without the weedy and terpene flavors of traditional THC products. 


THC Puff - Tropical Punch - 1000 Puffs

SKU: 1000801
  • Flavor: Tropical Punch
    1000 Puffs
    Mild Water-Soluble THC Blend
    2 - 4 puffs per serving
    Disposable Device
    Formulated & filled in the USA
    550 mAh Battery Capacity

    • Like a pocket size hookah! Enjoy flavorful fruity tastes with each puff with six delicious flavors to choose from.
    • Enjoy a mild psychoactive (THC) effect that allows you to smoke throughout the day just like your favorite nicotine puff
    • Small and discrete pocket size device that looks and smells just like a nicotine style device
    • Our products are formulated and filled in the USA and come from American farms
    • Enjoy big smoke and big flavor with our water-based e-liquid, unlike other oil-based THC vapes
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